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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Essence of Teamwork

Teamwork is that elusive something that transforms low-functioning organizations and teams into truly powerful, high-performance ones. But it is elusive -- how do *you* get there?

The ultimate failure of a team -- that is, when teams fail or underperform it is ultimately because they did not pay attention to the details. There are two important concepts here: Details and Pay Attention .

Executing the details is what makes a high-performance organization.

Paying Attention means that this is conscious process -- its a mental thing not a talent or knowledge thing!

We can look to the world of sports for corraboration on this. In the sports world we hear the same phrases over and over: execute the fundamentals, bear down, concentrate == these are all another way of saying pay attention.

Listen to the champions. When the New England Patriots put together their winning streak last year the post-game intereviews were filled with talk about the details. When they lost and then started winning again, the players comments again focused on 'we just got back to paying attention to the details'.

So if the ultimate failure of a team is a lack of attention to details then the ultimate strategy for creating high-performance teams is get each team member to attend to the details of their jobs.

How, then, do managers and coaches get their team members to attend to the details? More in the next installment.

Saturday, June 18, 2005


Blamestorming is one my favorite new words!

[Click here for a great illustration of the concept:

Blamestorming / Team Building


Doesnt it perfectly describe that breakdown in team effort when instead of pulling together and working as a team people feel threatened and spew blame around in an effort to protect themselves?

The antithesis of Blamestorming of course is a high-performance, empowered team. My goal in life is to help companies get from Blamestorming to High Performance.